Deluxe boat Nightstay

U can check in at any time after 6 pm. Dinner will serve u any time before 9:30pm. Bedroom ac (bedtime 9pmto 6 am) one hr cruice in morning, breakfast, check out by 9 am


  • Food menu
  • Dinner,
  • Chappathi, Rice, Dhall, Pottetto mezhukkupuretti, Okra mezhukkupuretti,
    Chicken curry, Pickle, Fruits.
  • Breakfast
    Iddli , dosa,sambar,chutti, Tea or coffee Or Puttu ,chana masala, Tea or coffee Or Toast, butter, jam, eggs, fruits, Tea or coffee, Toast, butter, jam, banana, eggs,tea or coffee.
    (Any one of the above.)
    1, The Booker should have to let us know regarding the breakfast options just even before the date of check in. Once the purchase s are over. It’s hard to buy provisions from the village areas.
    2, If u wish to have any other food or services need to let us know at the earliest or atleast day before the trip. Will try to arrange or organize, with extra charges. Last minute demands ,if any are quiet hard.
    3, The Booker can avail pick up facilities with extra charges, if needed.
    4, As per the rules the guests must have to get in to their bed rooms by maximum 10 to 10:30 pm. Not allow to sleep out side of the bed rooms.
    5, We not entertain the usage of outside foot wear inside the houseboat. You can use neat n clean soft rubber slippers if it’s a must or will provide soft cloth footwear with an extra charge (Need to let us know minimum just before the day)
    6, Smoking inside the boat is not permisible, but chances are there in out side.
    7, Responsible drinking is okay
    8, Guests must have to enter in their bedrooms for sleeping by 10:00 -10:30 hrs. Never allow to sleep outside (as per prevailing rules)
    Spl Note:
    If there is any powefailure happened we are quiet helpless to provide the ac in rooms, Except ac, fan n lights will works with the invertor support. If the boat provide to u is a premium one or with the generator facility (usually no), will provided it full free of cost, if needed. In such case the booker has to bear the fuel expenses.
    In deluxe boat there is no generator facility, pls note .If u have any more queries kindly feel free to ask us. So that we are able to make your trip an nice unforgettable experience.
    Thank you

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