Different Category Houseboats and Packages are Available

Deluxe Houseboats

Boat with basic facility are in this catogery.Usually it has Small open living area with basic furnitures fixtures,fittings etc.
This is meant for budget travellers

Premium Houseboats

Premium are more better than a deluxe with more facilities . It has glass covered living areas n open areas as well.prices are comparatively higher than deluxe.

Luxury Houseboats

Luxury boats has very rich exteriors n interiors with great look. Glass covered ac lobby n open air decks are the main speciality.

Ultra Luxury Houseboats

Ultra or super luxuryboats has the potential to deliver highest quality experience s to the guests with wide range of traditional authentic food that cooked on the board.

About Kalappura houseboat

Kalppura tours is one of the top rated tour operator in Alappuzha backwater region . We offer a wide range of backwater tour activities in various budget n standards suitable for families, couple, groups etc with lot of options for their choice. House boat, motorboat, shikkara, kayaking, canoe, speed boat services etc are available to pre book. Sunrise trip, sunset trip,Full/Half day village tour in a canoe with a guide, Honeymoon couple trip on houseboat, family get together on houseboat, Celebrations in houseboat etc are our Major packages. Customized packages too can avail from us. Lots of satisfied customer’s reviews from all over the world makes us to attain a top rated operator especially on the worlds largest travellers website like TripAdvisor n Google.

Alleppy Backwaters Activities



House boats are the old traditional woodden rice barges sewchered with all modern aminities for a perfect stay in lake.which has bedrooms with modern washrooms, living area,kitchen etc.
Its quality n facilities varies depends on its standard.
House boat experience is considered as the most memorising backwater experience in Kerala backwaters.

Motor Boats

motor boats are widely used in village area the for carrying more people. Is capacity vary from 10 to 100 people depends on its size. Generally there’s no washrooms or any other room but has a roof for shade.
Wooden benches and plastic chairs are available to sit. It is available for hourly basis. It’s a good option for people with low budget n limited time.

Shikara Boats

It’s a miniature kind of houseboat without any kind of rooms. Capacity varies from 6 to 15 pax. Petrol engine silent outboard engine boat n inboard engine diesel boats too available. It is mainly intended to visit the narrow canal in the village area along with big lakes.
There are different packages readly available to book for your choice.main are sunrise n sunset trips along with village visit withour without food in a village restaurant. Customised packages too available.


Its an expensive kind of tour. Those u has very limited time or explore more places with in a limited time, very quickly can choose this. Capacity 2 to 6 pax. Hourly basis available.


The villager’s boat punding manually are canoes with or without a shade has low speed with a Capacity of 2 to 4 pax in one boat. It was choosen by the people to explore the realbackwaters for a long time in a peaceful manner. Packages available for half day or full day with the help of a village guide n food .The guide will paddle the boat. Guests can also try to row.This is mainly for visiting the real backwater area in the little village.

Kayak Boat

Modern fiberglass boats are used for kayaking,Its a choice for youngster’s or those who like adventure tourisum in a small budget. Half day, full day, sunrise, sunset cruise with ir without food are avail to book.

Choose Our Packages for Houseboats

Deluxe day trip

Check in 11:00 am to 11:30 am.welcome drinks on arrival,5 +1 hr cruise ,lunch,tea n coffee n snacks , 4:30pm to 5 pm check out.

Deluxe overnight trip

Check in 11:30 to 12 noon.welcome drinks on arrival,lunch,tea ,coffee n snacks ,Dinner, bed room ac (bed time, 9 to 6 am) Breakfast around 9 am check out.

Deluxe boat Nightstay

U can check in any time after 6 pm to 9 max.Will serve u dinner between 8 to 9 pm .Sleeping hr bed room ac 9.00 to 6.00 Morning one hr cruise 9 am check out.

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1 Bedroom Houseboat to 11 Bedroom Houseboats Available

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